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The Sea of Cortez – also known as the Gulf of California – is one of the most rich and spectacular marine environments on Earth. That's why ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau called it the “Aquarium of the World.” Considered to be the most biologically rich body of water, the Sea of Cortez is home to more than 850 species of marine life and fish species. The clear blue waters is teeming with varied sea creatures – marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna to name a few. The highly diverse sport fishing waters of the Sea of Cortez offer a number of fishing charter destinations for anglers of all levels.

Below is a list of top fishing destinations in the Sea of Cortez:

• La Paz Bay: In the La Paz sport fishing area, the nutrient-rich waters are home to many fish species – from tiny little ornamentals to giant marlin. The best fishing spots in the La Paz Bay include the beautiful nearby islands called Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, the El Bajo seamount, and the rocky points of the Baja coast running south of La Paz.

• Loreto: Loreto, a palm-shaded village located 100 miles north of La Paz, has some of the finest light-tackle fishing spots in the Sea of Cortez. From December through mid- April, the waters off Isla Coronado in Loreto offer exceptional opportunities for large yellow tail catches. During summer months, you can easily catch huge schools of yellowfin tuna, marlin and sailfish, mackerel, snapper, grouper, and cabrilla.

• Cabo San Lucas: It is home to some of the world's best fishing spots including San Jaime Bank, Golden Gate Bank,Lighthouse, 45 Spot, 95 Spot, and Cabrillo Seamount located on its Pacific side while Gordo Banks, Vinorama Canyon, 1150 Bank, San Jose Canyon, and Santa Maria Canyon located on the Sea of Cortez side. From marlin, tuna to wahoo, these fishing spots offer fun fishing experience year around.

• Puerto Vallarta: It is a world class fishing ground renowned for boasting the diverse variety and impressive sizes of the game fish. The best fishing spots in Puerto Vallarta are Islas Marietas, El Morro, El Faro, La Corbetena, and El Banco.

All these Sea of Cortez destinations are an excellent place for your next fishing excursion. So, whether you're planning a fun-packed fishing adventure for the entire family or want to participate in any annual fishing tournament held in the fishing locations of the Sea of Cortez, we offer a variety of private fishing charter boat packages to meet your individual needs. Our luxury fishing boat charters are equipped with fishing equipment, modern amenities, all comforts and luxurious accommodation and are staffed by professional crew & captain who have great knowledge of the fishing hot spots in the Sea of Cortez. Contact us via email by clicking here, stating your charter requirements. We will customize any fishing charter to your specific needs.


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