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La Paz is among the world's most popular dive destinations. There are more than 25 dive sites that surround the La Paz Bay. Scuba diving conditions are best from July through October, when the water is warm and visibility is excellent. The waters surrounding La Paz islands are home to giant mantas, sea lions, whale sharks and hammerheads. The most notable dive sites of La Paz has been listed below:

• Los Islotes: Here divers can view the underwater rock caves and swim with friendly colony of sea lions. In addition to sea lions you can expect to see dense schools of blue, gold King Angelfish, yellow Surgeonfish and silver Sardines.

• El Bajo: It is one of the premier dive sites in the world for schooling Hammerhead Sharks. You're also likely to see Panamic green morays, and hundreds of bonitos or skip jacks. It is a thrilling experience as well as captivating for divers to dive here in El Bajo.

• El Bajito: It is a large reef located on the southwestern side of Los Islotes. This popular dive spot is marked by long narrow alleys and rocks that are lined with colorful marine flora. This is a great place to see moral eels and to take underwater photographs.

• Salvatierra Wreck: This wreck is a 75m ferryboat that sank after colliding with a reef. Located at a depth of 60 feet in the San Lorenzo Channel, this wreck site is a fascinating dive spot for novice divers.

• La Reina and La Reinita: These are two small islands located next to Cerralvo Island teeming with pelagic fish, Cortez garden eels, barracudas, snappers and varieties of colorful fish species. Sometimes you can expect to find migrating whales in these seamounts.

• Whale Island: This island is named so as it looks like a whale. There is a ship wreck on the southwest side of the island and caves in the north side that boasts seafans and Cortez angel fish.

The waters surrounding La Paz are also home to some of the world's most famous dive sites including Punta Lobos, Isla Cerralvo, Rocas Lobos, and Swanne Reef to name a few. They are easily accessible via short boat rides. A scuba yacht charter vacation is a great option for scuba divers who want access to these scuba dive sites along with personal service, flexibility with schedule, and comfort of luxury yachts. Send your preferences and interests regarding La Paz scuba vacation to via our Contacts Page. We'll match your preferences with a dive charter vacation that best fits your budget, style and interests.


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