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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Amazing rock formations, spectacular wall dives, beautiful coral reefs and abundant sea creatures – the waters surrounding Cabo bay attract divers of all levels from around the world. Located at the southern tip of Baja California peninsula, the Bay of Cabo San Lucas encompasses several unique dive destinations. These dive sites were declared as the Underwater National Marine Park in 1973 by the President of Mexico. The warm waters and prime conditions make diving trips to these dive sites perfect for those seeking adventurous experience.

Pelican Rock: This dive spot, which ranges from about 20-120 feet, offers deep pinnacles with tarantula-like hermit crabs, frogfish, scorpionfish and other tropical fish species.

Middle Wall: This is a great wall dive located 70 feet below the water, and situated between Lover's Beach and Pelican Rock. Here you can find various types of sea fans along the wall, eels in the crevices, and sometimes, other tropical fish species such as tunas, bonitos, schooling of pigmy mantas.

Neptune's Finger: Enjoy a multi-level scuba dive along the rocky reef of Neptune's Finger. This is a unique dive site in the bay of Cabo San Lucas. Neptune Finger's dive area consists of a beautiful vertical wall, two stunning coral reefs, and the biggest sandfall of the Cabo.

Santa Maria: A great dive destination for photographers, Santa Maria is a sheltered cove where colorful gorgonians and sea fans are found in abundance.

Land's End: This scuba dive spot is located where Pacific Ocean joins the waters of Sea of Cortez. The giant angular rocks that cascade down to a depth of 60 feet and the surrounding waters are home to eels, reef fishes, and sea turtles.

Cabo has many more dive sites for beginners and experienced divers including Gorda Banks, Cabo Pulmo, North Wall, Anegada and Chilena Bay. All of these dive spots are within a short boat ride from Cabo's Marina. Step aboard your very own private dive boat or luxury catamaran and cruise to these beautiful dive destinations in Cabo. To book your charter boat, simply go to our Contacts page by clicking on the link provided here or call us at the number present at the top of the page. Come and enjoy an unforgettable dive adventure with our dive masters in Cabo!


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