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Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

La Paz is a favorite departure point to the most popular whale watching destinations in the Baja California. This peninsula boasts spectacular lagoons where gray whales breed and calve from January through early April. During these months, we provide exclusive boat excursions and private yacht charters all along the Baja California to give our guests the opportunity to observe these wonderful sea creatures in their natural environment. Most whale watching takes place in three major lagoons along the coastline of the Baja Peninsula.
• Laguna Ojo de Liebre: Located about 440 miles south of the peninsula, this lagoon hosts 50% of the gray whale calves born each year. Laguna Ojo de Liebre is an outstanding destination to watch gray whales with their calves from a close-range and some of them will even cross your boat, giving you the chance to gently touch them.

• Laguna San Ignacio: Located 100 miles south of Laguna Ojo de Liebre, you can only access this site through charter service. The whales at this lagoon are the friendliest you will ever encounter.

• Magdalena Bay: This bay has become the most popular destination for whale-watching due to its proximity to the La Paz bay. Magdalena bay is a special reserve for the protection of the Pacific gray whales, and therefore considered best place for whale watching excursions.

Experience an up-close and personal encounter with the Gray Whales of the Sea of Cortez from your own private yacht charter. La Paz Yacht Charter offers luxury sailboat-based whale watching tours from La Paz to these lagoons. Our purpose-built boats provide spectacular viewing opportunity and comfort. To book your boat charter, please contact us by filling our Contact Form by clicking on the link provided here. We will help you plan your custom itinerary so that you can always cherish the memories of your sea adventure in La Paz.


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