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Caleta San Juanico

Caleta San Juanico

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Caleta San Juanico

Caleta San Juanico is a beautiful bay situated about 20 miles north of Loreto. San Juanico is a popular stop for cruisers to the Baja California. This picturesque bay has multiple islets, amazing rock formations, and offers exciting hiking and snorkeling opportunities.

You can spend your charter day in San Juanico by swimming in the cool waters, taking little excursions with your kayak, and exploring the water caves. While taking a stroll along the beach, you'll encounter striated layers of sandstone encrusted with old fossils and shells. Part of the Caleto bay is separated by a sandstone bridge that can make up for some fantastic exploring and hiking. A highlight of this bay is the "Cruiser's Shrine," where cruisers and boaters alike leave mementos inscribed with their yacht name and date. For a more exciting cruising experience, head to a small bay situated only 8 miles north of Caleta San Juanico on board your private chartered yacht. This small bay is protected by the towering rock of Punta Pulpito. This huge rock has a giant vein of obsidian glass at its center, which is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed by the fast cooling of lava.

Experience the scenic beauty, hidden coves, magnificent rock formations of Caleta San Juanico in the comfort and luxury of your own private chartered vessel. We, at La Paz Yacht Charter, provide fully crewed luxury yachts and sailing boats for San Juanico vacations to enable visitors an opportunity to explore this spectacular bay in utmost privacy, comfort, convenience and at their own pace, stopping whenever and wherever they want. Explore our variety of luxury yachts in our 'Our Fleet' page and select the boat that suits your needs best. Once you choose your yacht for charter, contact us via email by clicking on the link provided here to customize your itinerary.


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